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Web Firewall ALPHA BETA

Web Firewall is comprised of self-services and managed services.
Configured in customer's cloud, Web Firewall provides standalone operating environment.
Our web security is serviced by PIOLINK, which provides Korea's best performance and stability on its products.

Main Features
  • Self-Services
    • Provide web firewall images and operating guides to help customers build and operate their own web firewalls.
  • Managed Services
    • Assign professional engineers to operate web firewalls and provide security monitoring services.
    • Respond fast to potential accidents, with the support of around-the-clock security monitoring services of the professional agency, specified by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of Korea.
    • Provide real-time monitoring and responses to faults in web firewalls.
    • Check real-time processing status of web firewall events and security monitoring services in the console.
    • Provide periodically updated management of patches and patterns.
  • Standalone environment for web firewall, in customer's cloud
    • Create a web firewall instance in customer's cloud, which ensures independent operational environment and security.
  • Ensure security and stability with verified solutions
    • Protect against various types of threats with complete solutions to top 10 risks of OWASP, or Open Web Application Security project, and top 8 National Intelligence Service of Korea.
    • Ensure product stability in compliance with major regulations, such as GS, PCI-DSS, and CC certificates.
Service Types
CategoryService ItemsSelfManaged
Provided as defaultProvide Images
Provide Manual for Setting
Delegated OperationsCreate Web Firewall Instances
Configure in Redundancy
Set Web Firewall
Operate Learning and Block Modes
Optimize Policy
Update Signature Patterns
Update Firmware
Manage Faulty Web Firewall
Security MonitoringMonitor Events for 24/7
Monitor PRTG Availability
Provide Graphs for Real-time Event Information
Provide Information on Processing Intrusion
Recommended Flavor
Throughput (Mbps)FlavorvCPUMemory(GB)
※ The recommended root volume for a Web Firewall instance is 40GB, but the usage volume may increase, depending on the log retention period and volume of events. Connection with block storage or NAS is not supported.
※ Web Firewall is provided free-of-charge until August 2018: charging shall begin as of September 1st, 2018. However, infrastructure services, such as instance/network transfer volume, shall be charged without free trials.
(VAT not included)
Service TypesTargetTypeCriteriaPricing
Self-ServicesLicense FeesWeb Firewall InstanceAccumulated Usage Time250 Won/Hour
ManagedLicense FeesWeb Firewall InstanceAccumulated Usage Time250 Won/Hour
Costs for Delegated Operations and Security Monitoring ServicesvCPU and MemoryBelow 2CoreBelow 4GBAccumulated Usage Time200 Won/Hour
Below 2CoreBelow 8GB300 Won/Hour
Below 4CoreBelow 16GB450 Won/Hour
8Core or HigherBelow 32GB700 Won/Hour
  • Service charges do not include infrastructure costs, such as instance/network transfer volume, and shall be charged by instance pricing policy.
  • License fees for self-services or managed services shall incur from the moment when Web Firewall instance is created.
  • Charging for delegated operations/security monitoring of the managed service shall begin when detection or blockage is applied after learning is closed.
  • Charges for delegated operations/security monitoring of the managed service do not additionally apply, for HA configuration.
  • Managed services shall be provided at the request, after consultation with professional engineers.
  • To use the Managed Service, a professional engineer should be added as a project member to provide delegated operational services.
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